The LESA Ladies come to Tour

The days of Indian Summer come in the fall of the year when the mornings are cool and crisp. Few can resist the temptation to day dream of Christmas. Sometimes, it's memories of Christmas past that fill our heads. Other times, it's the anticipation of Christmas yet to come.

It was probably some of these dreams that brought the ladies of the Louisiana Engineering Society Auxiliary to Shady Pond recently.

A Water Oak, Spanish Daggers, and a MimosaLESA Girls on a Wagon Ride

After enjoying Mimosas in the main house to resurrect the feel of an Old Louisiana Plantation, the tour began near the pond with an overview of the Farm's colorful history. The LESA ladies rode the hay wagon through the fields of exotic Christmas trees. And then it was off to the Victorian Tea Room for a fall luncheon.

The tour was attended by both the New Orleans and Baton Rouge chapters.

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