Shady Pond's
Katrina Crew

Hurricane Katrina turned southeast Louisiana upside down when she made landfall on August 29, 2005. Although not widely publicized, she left the area's economy and labor force in a shambles. Help was nearly impossible to find.

If Shady Pond was to make a traditional Christmas celebration possible for its supporters as it had in the past, a crew of at least minimum size would have to be assembled. Clarke turned to family and friends to meet the challenge. There has never been a case where this group has failed to rise to the occasion; not once. So, Shady Pond's Katrina Crew was born. Meet its members below.

Shady Pond's 2005 Katrina Crew

L to R Top:
  • E.J. (Jim) Gernon, Jr.
  • Christopher Gernon
  • Clarke J. Gernon, Sr.
  • Shane Miller
  • Delsa Charbonnet

    L to R Bottom:

  • Joseph Charbonnet
  • E.J. (Ed) Gernon, III
  • Clarke J. Gernon, Jr.
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