Job Opportunities at Shady Pond...

Shady Pond's goal is to provide quality trees produced and sold by quality people.

Work at Shady Pond Tree Farm is a unique and singular experience. And over the past quarter century many individuals have chosen to participate in this special endeavor. Shady Pond is honored to have members of its alumni who have become award winning architects, engineers, and nurses, and one even deploys weather sensing buoys globally. But even those who have not attained such lofty levels of accomplishment have gained an in-depth understanding of the physical world during their time here. They have learned about things from the botanical to the mechanical.

Because of its unusual nature, the cultivation of Christmas trees requires equally unusual equipment. All of the specialized equipment used at Shady Pond is manufactured on site. Making the impossible possible is a long standing tradition at Shady Pond.

Shady Pond Tree Farm has a well established reputation for educational excellence. Both Studyweb and Study Sphere have given awards to the tree farm for its research-quality child-safe website. Shady Pond has provided educational and information based interviews for NBC's Weekend Today Show in New York, Voice of America Radio broadcast globally from Washington, and FDANews published in Virginia to name only a few. Shady Pond is also involved in Louisiana's coastal restoration efforts and has given a number of talks and interviews nationally on that important subject.

Christmas Trees are Transported from the Fields to Checkout by WagonWork at Shady Pond falls into two major categories; growing season work and Christmas season work.

Workers should be prepared to learn tractor driving, handling chainsaws and large scale grass maintenance equipment, pruning techniques, fire management, the basics of plant physiology, and fundamental mechanic skills. Workers should be prepared to learn Shady Pond's proven cutting methods, large scale tree and customer handling methods, proper stand installation, methods of dealing with the public during a highly emotional and sensitive time of year.

Although Shady Pond's wage rate is not high, our workers always leave with assets far more valuable than money.

If you think you would like to be part of Shady Pond's unique Christmas experience contact Clarke J. Gernon, Sr., P.E. (Mr. Clarke) at 985-863-5569. Also access our Workers Page to see past selling crews.

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