Instant Christmas Trees from
Shady Pond Tree Farm

90-inch Tree Spade Gently Tilts the Leyland Cypress Forward

The Christmas tree shown in the picture is a 22-foot Leyland cypress-Leighton Green. This specimen tree is being dug by a 90-inch diameter tree spade in preparation for a 250-mile trip to its new home in a municipal square in west Louisiana.

Big John Tree Spade Dropping Plug near Leyland to be Transplanted

The process of transplanting one of these huge trees is fairly simple but expensive. The tree spade digs the planting hole at the new location. It then carries the dirt, called a plug, to the location of the tree. The plug is dropped and will be used to fill the hole that remains after the tree is lifted.

Big John's Spade Shovels Open and Prepare to Surround the Tree

The shovels are opened so the tree spade can back in to position and close around the tree.

With Spade Shovels in Position, the Dig Begins using Water as the Lubricant

With the shovels surrounding the giant Leyland, the digging process begins. The shovels are lubricated with water and are gradually forced in to the soil. The plug is visible in the foreground of the lower right photo.

Tree Spade Shovels near their Full Depth, Outriggers Maintain Spade Alignment

With the Leyland Tilted Forward over the Truck Chassis, Transport Begins

In the down position and secured the Leyland is ready for its long ride. To minimize windburn, transporting begins before daybreak in the fall of the year. This beautiful Leyland cypress will bring joy and Christmas tradition to an entire community.

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