Woodward Cottage at Shady Pond

Cottage Front ViewCamellia in Cottage Bed

Cottage Porch

Woodward Cottage is located at Shady Pond and the tree farm is interested in offering it as a photographic studio on a continuing year around basis. It is about 600 Sq. Ft. and is divided into two main rooms. The building is all masonry construction and includes stunning views of the property. It would be used for indoor sessions as well as editing and production work.

We envision the rental arrangement to include exclusive access to the Christmas tree fields and grounds for Holiday photography and extended multi-sitting sessions. Shoots of this type are highly sought after each Christmas season by local photographers and even some based in other parts of the US. We also expect the arrangement to include appointment as the designated tree farm photographer tasked to record and document important events and happenings as Shady Pond continues its journey through time.

If you are interested in discussing Woodward Cottage in more detail, contact Shady Pond Tree Farm at 985-863-5569 or at cjg@cgernon.com.

Camellia in Cottage Bed

Cottage Side View

Life at Shady Pond is not for everyone...............

But for those who enjoy seeing deer grazing in the morning mist,

or finding a giant Blue Heron fishing in the pond,

or gathering antique camellias just outside their back door in the dead of winter;

..............it is sheer heaven.

The following images provide a glimpse of life at Shady Pond.

Photo taken from the Main House at Shady Pond, Fall 2008 Antique Camellia

View of Christmas trees from Cottage Porch Fountain & Pond