Really BIG Trees can be found at Shady Pond

Shady Pond maintains an inventory of extremely large trees. Trees well in excess of 16-feet are used in churches, banks, hotels, convention centers, and banquet halls as well as in outdoor Christmas displays.
Field of Giant Leylands

The trees in the pictures below are being sent to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in the New Orleans Garden District. St. Francis has been decorating with trees from Shady Pond for a decade.Rigged Giant Leyland being Crane Loaded

Handling the big trees with cranes ensures gentle loading. Since these giants are far too big to net, it minimizes damage to the foliage.

Bobby Frierson places commercial tree on truck.

Acme Transportation Truck with New Orleans Church Trees Loaded

Stake body trucks are recommended. To unload the big trees, the side panels are removed and the trees are rolled off.

Contact Shady Pond Tree Farm for your jumbo tree needs and our current inventory of giants.

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