A Child's Wish
Christmas Outing

A Child's Wish Group gather for Their Orientation Session at Shady Pond

In the early 80's we were contacted by, Lennie, a representative of A Child's Wish. He asked if Shady Pond Tree Farm would be willing to host their recipient families and donate a tree to each. He said that A Child's Wish organization could promise excellent media coverage of the event that would benefit the Farm. Since our Christmas tree project was just getting started, we felt that it would be a good way to promote the Farm and agreed to his proposal. Little did we know what was to come.

A Wagon Ride with a Clown Troop's Help

The very first Christmas Outing for A Child's Wish was scheduled. The event was poorly organized and total chaos. There were wheelchairs, awkward looking strollers (the kind used to transport nearly full-grown occupants) and crutches everywhere. And some of the little tikes were wearing stocking caps to keep their heads warm and to hide the embarrassment of their hair loss.

Being concerned for the safety of the group in the rugged farm environment, we moved them to a remote area and suggested that they visit with one another while waiting for the rest of the families to arrive. In that fateful decision the magic of A Child's Wish Christmas Outing was formed. The families of these often terminally ill kids soon realized that they were not alone. Other moms and dads, brothers and sisters were all facing similar torment. They drew strength from each other.

A Child's Wish Kids Playing with Stump

They searched for trees, rode the wagons and played in the fields that day; wheelchairs, crutches and all. And those happy little faces were the final ingredient of the trap Lennie had set for us. How could we resist? He knew all along that it was sure to work, and it did. Although the media coverage has seldom come; A Child's Wish has, every year.

A Ride with A Child's Wish Santa

But we anticipate their arrival with the sober understanding that some of those little faces will be seen no more.

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