Phosgene Release Mitigation System:

Futuretech Design was called on by a major chemical manufacturer to study the use of a steam curtain system to destroy phosgene during unexpected releases that may occur. The plan included surrounding the process unit with a series of high pressure steam headers installed in trenches. Nozzles would be mounted on the headers to produce a high velocity jets of quite buoyant steam having the cumulative effect of keeping the uncontrolled phosgene trapped within the unit. To further protect the personnel outside the unit, ammonia would be injected into the steam to destroy the phosgene.

During a careful review if the matter, concerns arose over the scald hazard of the raw steam and the toxic effects of the ammonia. The study concluded the the plan should not be implemented.

Chemical Tar Residue Handling System:

Futuretech Design was assigned the task of studying the solidification characteristics of a class of chemical tars and preparing the conceptual design of a drumming system to package the residue for safe shipment to an incinerator facility.

Specially design drums were fitted with a series of thermocouples arranged in a radial pattern. The drums were filled with molten tar and the temperature was recorded for a 48 hour time period. The collected data then formed a basis for a completely closed automated tar drum filling and handling system. Operating procedures were devised to allow for the solidification of the drum's molten core before shipment.

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