Forensic Engineering-

With the abundance of televised trials and with Court TV just a 'click' away, few have escaped an encounter with the word 'forensic'. There are forensic pathologists, forensic toxicologists, forensic psychologists, forensic anthropologists, and yes, forensic engineers. But what do these experts really do? And how do they fit into our legal system?

The word 'forensic' is an adjective meaning, adapted or suited to debate. It describes studies that are conducted with sufficient care, rigor and attention to detail so as to withstand opposing argument and debate that would seek to refute their conclusions. In practical terms forensic studies are executed with meticulous precision. They are accompanied by extensive records, both written and photographic. And they are supported by the sum of existing knowledge on the subject at hand. At least in the case of forensic engineering, seldom are two investigations the same. They are like a treasure hunt where the treasure is unknown and its location is a secret.

Compact Pickup Truck Wreck, Two Young Men Burn to Death after Deer Hunting

Forensic engineers are usually in search of the causes of some catastrophe or personal injury. They begin a study with a complete literature search to gain as much background information as possible. And then, inspect the available physical evidence with the hope of finding clues as to the origin of the problem. This stage may include partial, or complete, disassembly of the evidence. Some destructive, or non-destructive, laboratory testing could be required and evidence may be destroyed in the process. This phase of the work should be carefully photographed with still cameras and with video. The intent here is to create complete documentation of every step of the inspection process.

Although they are most often associated with court room proceedings, quality forensic studies can actually persuade lawyers and clients to settle their differences by less formal means. Once a physical event becomes clearly understood, and when its causes and consequences are organized in a concise presentation; it becomes futile to debate the obvious.


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