Environmental Projects:

Automotive Dealer Repair Shop In-ground Hydraulic Lift Tightness Test

Hydraulic Lift Tightness Test-

As a condition of the recent sale of an automobile dealership, verification of the tightness of the service department hydraulic lifts was required. The buyer wanted assurance that the lifts were not leaking in to the soil below the floor slab.

Futuretech Design devised a method of determining the existing condition of the lifts. A 12-hour test was performed to determine their leak rate. The picture above shows the lifts during the test.

The test showed that several of the lifts were in need of repair. Corrective action was taken and the sale was completed with no further delay.

Ground Water Remediation Equipment-

The rebuilding of service stations is a common site around the U.S. The scene usually includes large underground fuel tanks sitting on the site ready to be installed in to huge holes in the ground. This renovation work is typically the result of state or federal environmental regulations. And it purpose is to replace leaking underground tanks.

Although the old tanks can be readily replaced with ones much less likely to leak, an un-contained amount of gasoline or diesel is sometimes left behind. In cases where leaks have continued for a long time before being detected, the surrounding geological formations can be saturated with the residue.

Futuretech Design has developed a class of recovery and treatment systems to remove the fuel deposits and dispose of them in a prudent manner. These modular systems use a variable vacuum source to gather the un-contained fuel and saturated ground water for treatment. Pure fuel and oil is separated from the water by decanting. The fuel is then drawn off into drums for safe disposal. The water is treated by air stripping to remove the dissolved hydrocarbons. These ground water remediation systems include a carefully arranged recycle condensing spray to reduce the system's air emissions. A dedicated control computer reports the system's status to the operators at a central location.

Being nice to Mother Nature is important at Futuretech Design.