About Futuretech Design-

Futuretech Design is a small creativity oriented engineering company focused on precision designs that blend in with and utilize the forces that surround us in the natural world. Founded in the mid 1980's, here is a place where the complex becomes simple, where solutions are straight forward.

Futuretech Design provides engineering consultation for chemical processing plants, waste disposal facilities, and helicopter operators. In addition it provides Forensic Mechanical Engineering services on fires, engine fuel systems, automotive systems, agricultural equipment, hand tools and explosions.

At Futuretech, we recognize that Mother Nature makes the rules and our challenge is to work within them. Much of the physical world can be predicted by mathematical means, but much can not. And when it can not; judgement, observation, intuition, and the accumulation of life's experiences are our guide through the unknown.

Imaginative solutions come from close contact. Those who live with problems understand them in depth. Inventiveness is often based in smell, taste and touch. And awkward, unrealistic solutions almost always result from distant observation.

In short, getting our hands dirty is part of the work at Futuretech Design.